That Secret Place

We all desire for something greater than ourselves. We all desire to do something greater than what we have been born into or placed into. We want to love more than ever, live more than ever and share more than ever. However what we often fail to realize and most times miss out on is that secret place, that place where no man, woman, child, career, family, friends or stuff can make us whole. We do our best to fill that secret place with materialism and socialism; yet we still are void of the best thing we could ever want or need; JOY!

Now I know that happiness is the goal for most people. If I get married, I’ll be happy. If I have a baby, I’ll be happy. If I find the right career, I’ll be happy. Let me tell you something, happiness is predicated on something happening. If you got that big promotion you’ve been working towards for a year and then suddenly you are thrusted into all new responsibilities, will you still be happy? Like most people you will be overwhelmed, over worked, exhausted, frustrated and asking yourself did I make the right decision. Now I know that youre wondering how can joy be a secret place? Joy is something that nobody, circumstance, disagreement with a loved one or more work on your job can take from you. It’s something imparted in you that was given by the Holy Spirit.

I’m not here to push religion on anyone. I believe in a right relationship with GOD. Ive always went against the grain and do what im led to do. I am here to encourage, uplift and give you the power that you have to rise above all that is working against you so you will come out the way you were created to be, a vessel of Glory.

2015 has been a whirlwind for me. I battled depression from 2013 up to almost the end of this year. The love of my life and I decided to take time away from each other to find who we are and where we fit in each others lives, I lost my job, home, family, friends, confidence, identity, and all the things I thought made me who I was for 30 years. I’m 31 now and I see and know what my purpose of life is about.

You never really know how much you think you miss the old you until you discover who you were meant to be, who GOD created you to be. I can sit here and tell you that I’m free from depression but that would be a lie. I can sit here and say that I’m pleased with my life and where I’m at in it, but that would be a lie. What I will tell you is I choose JOY everyday, no matter what. Everything we do is a choice, so why choose to stay in misery when you can live in JOY!  I’ve been learning and studying about joy and what I’ve discovered on my own is that nobody can give it to me, it’s something that only Jesus can fill you up with, if you desire it. I choose to be joyful in all things; we all know weeping endures for the night but JOY comes in the morning! That means, wake up its morning time, your dark days are over.  Joy means to have delight, have great pleasure in, jubilation, triumph,exuberance or bliss. These are all emotions that no matter what happens to you, you should still feel because you have JOY; you have GOD!

Had it not been for my Lord Christ Jesus, I would still be in mental prison telling myself I’m not worthy of love, friendship, my dreams, my children and all the things that bring joy to my life. I realized that I idolized a lot of things but never appreciated them. Remember what you appreciate, appreciates. The moment I started to focus on the purpose and not the pain I chose joy. Choosing joy made me realize all things were possible and that these trials are a test of my faith. I realized that I will soar above like an eagle and the Heavenly Father will have Glory through me.

Everyday you wake up is a new day of Grace and Mercy. Our Father in Heaven believes that you are somebody even before he created the world HE knew that HE needed you at this moment, in this dispensation of time to birth your purpose to Glorify the Kingdom of Heaven. Even if you don’t believe in you HE does and wont stop; GOD is moving on your behalf. HE is still guiding you through this life. Have there been times where you didn’t know things were going to work in your favor and then out of nowhere you are victorious? That was GOD!

I want to leave you with this, when you are feeling lonely, afraid, fearful, depressed or even saddened go to that secret place inside of you, deep inside where no one can touch and ask GOD give me Joy if you don’t have it or increase your Joy if you desire more. HE will answer, you will feel a shift in your thinking and in your spirit. You will have that quiet confidence that no matter what happens good or bad you are victorious; Jesus is intercedeing for you & answering your prayers. Joy is not something that happens, it’s something you choose and then it manifest and becomes apart of your life. People can take your happiness, but they can never steal your JOY!