The weight of it all

On March 1, 2017, I embark on rejuvenated journey to a healthier me. Although I’ve been down this road before, this time I have more education and determination to successfully attain and maintain a healthy weight for myself. I’ve been a fit person all my life. I was naturally a runner and ran track and I loved to eat healthier styles of food as I became a teenager up to about the age of 27. These last few years after the birth of my son I noticed that I was keeping the weight on more and more and it was harder to shed. Relatively during the time after I had my son I was suffering from depression so my weight was fluctuating like a ballon. 

Recently within the last 5 months I have been able to go from 178 lbs to 167 lbs, even with my inconsistency in my eating and exercising regimen. Around the middle of February something just changed inside of me. Something told me that I was going to have more access to the things my heart desired and I needed to not only be mentally, emotionally and spiritually prepared, but I needed to be physically prepared for what was about to come. I liked to think of it as a divine intervention. Like God sat next to me on my bed and gave me a glimpse of my future and how bright and full it will be. I smiled to myself and made a commitment that THIS time I will take ownership of my health. 

I no longer want to live in a shell that is not me. A shell of excuses or reasons as to why I can’t be consistent with being healthy. No more blaming it on my knee injury from 15 years ago as to why I can’t get up and run like I had been doing all my life before and even after my knee healed. No more blaming it on the exercises I do, I found a regimen that suits me and I can do it. No more excuses. So I will start my journey to becoming the me that I was created to be, my future self. Progress is a process so I will not quit just because I don’t see the results I want right away. My downfall to this weight struggle has been due to suiting because I’m not seeing results right away, artificial sweets and sugars and just pure lack of inspiration. During my time of depression I was eating everything to feel a void that eventually I realized only God could fill. Now that He has come into my heart 100%; instead of the back and forth I was doing, I’ve been blessed to have a second chance to get it right. I’ve been a quasi vegetarian since the age of 16 (I eat poultry and fish along with fruits & vegetables but no red meat). So it will not be hard to meal prep and eat the right foods. I’m naturally a water drinker, but there was a time where I was drinking artificial juices with high fructose corn syrup. Within the last 5 months I have totally cut juice out of my diet unless it’s all natural or organic. I drink about 72 ounces of water daily. This has tremendously helped my skin, hair and nails and has also helped with my sinus infections that I typically get 4 times a year and they last about 2-3 weeks sometimes. Thank God I haven’t had an episode within the last 5 months 🙌. 

While attending the PHX Vegan Food Festival this past Saturday, I was blessed to find some Vegan options such as pastry shops and sweet treats to fill those cravings I sometimes have for pastries instead of turning to a box of Krispy Kremes. I’ve decided to blog my weight loss journey for the first 90 days. So I’m truly excited about this journey that I’m on. One step of Faith at a time I will get to my desired weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle not just for myself but for my children and all the things God has called me to do. 

I’m looking forward to sharing my journey and hopefully it can help someone else. I will do a weekly blog every Saturday with updates of my progress, including meals, exercises and current weight. I’m such a private person so I rarely let people into my life, but I feel led to do this not only for self accountability but to help others out there who may not have someone rooting for them to get healthy. 

3 Days Away….

I’m so excited. This will be my first ever food festival and I will be vlogging the event. I will have a detailed blog from my adventures at the Phoenix Vegan Food Festival. If your in AZ, I hope to see you there. Stay tuned. 

Let’s take a ride

Let's take a ride

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