New Year = New Victories

Good morning beautiful world. I hope everyone woke up with a joyful spirit and a clean heart. The Lord has made all things new today and you are not who you were yesterday. It you didn’t wake up in a better mood, I implore you to do a heart check, check your surroundings and emotions. What could you do differently today to make this day better than yesterday?  The month of February is coming to a close soon, have you done anything this month that is getting you closer to your victory or breakthrough? Are you taking the appropriate steps to get closer to achieving your dream or goal?

I’m a true believer that if you woke up today, then our good Lord is not done with you. The fight is not over. Your best is yet to come. I know sometimes it can be hard to believe that your best is yet to come with everything that is going wrong in your life, but let’s focus on all the things that are going right and all the good things happening to you. We often at times focus too much on what happened to us instead of looking around at the good things we have yet to embrace. Your words & thoughts  truly shape your atmosphere. If you are always worrying and speaking negativity into your life, all you will see is negativity. When you speak with love, assurance, power and authority that Jesus gave us, you start to allow the manifestations of God’s goodness to overtake your life and to pull you out into abundance, prosperity and victory.

Yes I blog about my faith because I have seen the goodness of the Lord work in my life all my life. I’m not saying that I never had trying times because I have, but those things didn’t defeat me. I didn’t break, I survived and came out into a wonderful place knowing that God is for me and with me. I am surrounded by His favor and goodness. I’m not here to push my beliefs on you. I’m here to tell you that you are victorious. You are great. You are powerful. You are important to someone. You can make a difference. You will come out on the other side better than you are now. You are enough for someone. You are beautiful. You have something special that the world needs. We all need someone rooting for us.

Can I be transparent. There was a point in time where I never told anyone that I loved them. I knew I loved them, but I never said it, not even to my family. Then one day I got so sick that I was not able to stand up straight and walk. My best friends had to carry me to the car and carry me into the emergency room. Later I found out that I had one of the most severe knee infections that the doctors had ever seen even though all my test came back clean. Had it not been for my friends taking action when they did, I would’ve lost my left leg from the knee down. That day changed my life. I saw the manifestation of love. Because they loved me enough to take action, I’m able to dance and run to this day. God allowed me to see love as a verb and not just some mushy stuff from The Notebook. From that day forward I have not,only demonstrated love, but I say it and it comes back around to me ten fold.

With that being said, the year 2017 is our year to do things that have never been done. See things that you have never seen. Experience life in freedom and victory. 2017 is the year to go for that promotion. Go after your career. Chase your dream down and conquer it. Reconnect with a loved one. Allow love to fill you up and overtake you. Surround yourself with people who are rooting for your rise. Set those travel plans. Embark on that self discovery. Be you and be you unapologetically. Declare your victories and you will see them.



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