Green Eyed Monster 

So Tuesday, my honey bunches of oats bought me a new blender ❤😄 and I couldn’t wait to try it out. Although I waited like 3 days to use it, I was so excited to start making my own drinks. I recreated my own version of this green juice fruit smoothie I love from Bolthouse Farms, Green Goodness! So yummy and flavorful. Now in a former life I tried Naked smoothies and I did not like them. They left an unforgiving after taste on my tongue that I could never tolerate, so I gave those up and band myself from drinking these types of drinks in the future, silly, right? 😭😭😭😭

Fast forward me to 2016 and I was working in another corporate setting (for some reason I couldnt shake those corporate incentives, lol). I was not getting the required sleep I needed due to my 2 year old son thinking it was cool to wake mommy up at 4 o’clock in the morning and not going back to sleep. So on one of my many journeys to Wally World (Wal-Mart), I needed something that would get and keep me energized for a fun filled day of corporate shenanigans. I stumbled upon Bolthouse Farms, I know, I know, I cursed fruit smoothie juices forever, but just hear me out, will ya. I was looking at all the different flavors that this company had, reading countless labels and ingredients and something just told me to give it one more try. So I was like, I love apples, kale, pineapples, mangos, kiwi, etcetera, why not purchase 1-2 of these just to see how it goes. If I don’t like them, that’s $1.69 that I can use towards some pistachios or a bag of Lays (don’t judge me). 

So, before I taste my food or drinks, I like to smell them (don’t ask me why), it’s weird to you, I get it, but for some reason I do it. I thought, get this Green Goodness smells great, let’s give it a taste. So I tasted it and before you know it, half the bottle was gone before I put it down. I don’t know what was happening to my tongue, but it was enjoying these burst of flavors in my mouth. My brain was telling me, “don’t stop now. See, this is what happiness feels like when you keep an open mind,”just awful stuff it was saying to me, 😂😂😂. So for a while I would purchase like 10 bottles at a time and when I couldn’t find them, I would have to get Jamba Juice, which is my fav. So I was spending at least $10 a week plus tax on these little drinks until I went to Wal-Mart and they were all out. So I told myself that I wanted a blender so I could make my own smoothies and save my money for other stuff like, Lays and chapstick, you know, the essentials, 😂😂😂. So literally a year later after so much procrastination on my part (I just didn’t see the hurry in getting this blender, even though in always said out loud that I need a blender), my honey got me a blender so I could experiment with making my own beverages. He supports my health journey and he was tired of me saying I needed a blender but never got it, hahahhaa. So last night I made this tasty fruit juice smoothie and here is my version of Bolthouse Farms Juice Smoothie, Green Goodness: 

  • 1 Granny Smith Apple
  • 1 mango, sliced
  • 6 strawberries, sliced in quarters
  • 2 kiwi’s
  • 1/4 piece of Ginger, peeled & sliced in half 
  • 4 oz. of kale
  • 4 oz. spinach 
  • 2 1/2 cups Apple juice
  • Ice

Now these are not exact because I typically don’t measure unless I’m baking (sorry, I learned how to cook from a mother that used eye measurements. Can you imagine how I favored in Culinary School, exceptionally well I may say 😜). I didnt use any protein powder, whey powder or milk, because I like my smoothies with juice and not so thick like a shake. This came out really tasty. I drank all of it last night and forgot that I was running this morning and would be liked to had some of my green monster this morning too. I was able to get 3 full glasses out of it. It didn’t make me thirsty for the rest of the night. Usually I wake up and get something else to drink like water or Apple juice, but I didn’t. So if you’re new to the smoothie thing and you don’t want to spend $5 a day on a Jamba Juice or whatever kick starts your morning, I would advise to invest in a blender and go purchase fruits and veggies that you like or want to try and start making your own creations or you can check out my blog and I’ll put the ones I do up here for ya. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this blog/recipe. I hope it inspires you on your healthy journey. Keep on being a CHAMPION in all that you do. Keep your eyes on God, trust also in Him and he shall bring it to pass. Stay tuned for my fitness update later on today. Have a blessed Saturday. 

Love ya ✌. 


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