17 days of Fitness (Update) 

So it’s been 17 days since I began my fitness journey. Although it hasn’t been easy getting back to a healthier mind and body, it’s been worth it. I’ve felt every inch of my work outs and I’m starting to see results, no matter how small. I can proudly say I am down to 163 lbs. I know, I know it’s only 4 lbs from wherre I startef, but to me that is progress. Of you’ve never struggled with your weight then you can’t possibly understand how huge that is for someone who has. Recently I took a week Vacay to San Diego to visit my big sister, she is a Naval Engineering Teacher down there and it was one of my best weeks. We worked out together and had so much fun, she is a boy and I love her. She introduced me to get best friend Allison, who is also a Naval Instructor and a meal prep Queen! 
Both of them are on their own fitness journeys and I reached out to them for some help and I’m glad that I did. My biggest obstacle is portion control, my eyes can be bigger than my stomach. I’m not really into calorie counting, but I do want to make sure that I’m getting enough food to keep me energized and fulfilled throughout my day. Allison helped me with understanding portion control and meal prepping. I’m glad I have these tools; thank God I have people in my corner who want to see me succeed. I still can’t believe I’ve lost 4 lbs. Todays exercises will be  steady state cardio, abs and back. I can’t wait until my end of month update. 

Well, I hope everyone’s week has been full of God’s blessings. Be a blessing in someone’s life. Root for them, encourage them, stand with them. These are all the things out Lord Jesus does for you. Be a CHAMPION!

May He grant you according to your heart’s desire, And fulfill all your purpose. -Psalms 20:4 NKJV 


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