Smoothie SmoothΒ 

Good morning my neighbors!!!!! I am very happy to be here!!! 😁😁😁😁😁😁. I feel so great this morning. My day has been very productive thus far. I hope everyone is having a good day. So today I prepped my smoothie ingredients for the week. I decided to go back to milk smoothies 😝, I’ve been low key missing them in my life. 

Recently I came across this video on Facebook where they prep their smoothie ingredients in mason jars, freeze them and when they are ready to use they add the milk later. So I decided to try it for myself. I’m really busy throughout the week and sometimes I don’t drink a smoothie every morning because I didn’t make time to prepare anything, but I’m getting it together, πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. By doing this, it will save me time and I all I have to do is add milk. 

So I made for different kinds and they are as follows:

Strawberry Banana, Mango Avocado Pineapple Blackberry, Pineapple Banana and Strawberry Pineapple Blackberry.

I’m excited to try these flavors. I did make myself a Strawberry Pineapple Banana smoothie for breakfast and it was yummy. I wanted to try Almond milk instead of 2%, but I need my protein and Almond milk only provides 1g of protein per serving and I wasn’t down for that πŸ‘Ž. This Fairlife milk provides 13g of protein per serving and it is made from cows that are not treated with rBST and it’s lactose free, Fairlife for the win! I came across this milk when I went to visit my big sister a few weeks ago in San Diego. I had never seen it before, so I tried it and I loved it. I’m glad I was able to find it here in Arizona at the Wally Mart, lol. So it’s what I drink now. 

Anyone can make these, it’s not rocket science or anything, but you just have to make the time to prepare everything. I would advise to get the taller mason jars because you can actually use them with your blender as long as it fits. I didn’t realize that the mouth of my mason jars were a little wider than my blender blade, but it’s okay, I’ll be back at Wally Mart to get the right ones I need. So if you want the recipes and tools I used, check it out below πŸ‘‡: 

Tools: 10 mason jars (2 weeks), Bamboo cutting board; Chef knife


  • 1 container of Strawberries, washed and sliced 
  • 2-3 bananas, peeled and sliced 
  • 1 cup of fresh pineapple
  • 1-2 mangos, peeled and diced 
  • 1 container of blackberries, washed 
  • 1-2 large avocados 

Prepare your fruit. Place the desired mixtures of fruit in the mason jars. Freeze. Add desired flavor of milk when ready to use. You can definitely add different stuff like spinach (I totally forgot to buy 😒), raspberries, blueberries, kale, etc. The possibilities are endless and you don’t necessarily have to have mixed fruit combinations. If you only like mango smoothies, then prepare a mason jar with just mangos, the world is yours and these are your smoothies. Enjoy and have fun with them.

I definitely have some things in the works for myself. I haven’t put all my ideas out and all the recipes I have, but it’s getting hotter and I have some cool ideas for some summertime snacks and drinks and I’ll be using mason jars for them. Well I hope that this was helpful and you try these out. Thank you for supporting me, I love you for it. Remember, the will of God won’t take you where the love of God won’t keep you. Be a CHAMPION in all that you do. Do things for the betterment of your life. This is a #SeasonofGrowth #SeasonofElevation #SeasonofVictory 

Call forth those things that are not, as though they are. If you believe in the things you pray for, you shall receive them. Be blessed and have a great Tuesday. 



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